Sisters’ Story is a project of the Sumac Community Worker Co-operative, a social enterprise that creates dignified employment through businesses that are:

  • owned by their worker members
  • engage in activities that are grounded in a moral economy
  • ecologically sustainable and restorative
Peruvian Donkey

Using values that include fair trade, mutual aid, equity, diversity, advancing organic production, sound business management and quality, Sumac proposes a new form of distributive economic organization.

Sumac owns and operates Planet Bean Coffee which is a Certified Fairtrade and organic coffee roastery. Planet Bean roasts Sisters’ Story Coffee. 

We are based within the Great Lakes watershed, at the meeting place of the Speed and Eramosa rivers, within the territory of the Dish with One Spoon Covenant. This agreement made amongst Indigenous nations governs how to share resources and live sustainably. It invites all nations to live by its terms.

Throughout our history Sumac has supported Indigenous farmers around the world. One of the values that informs our work is ensuring we are not only creating a better future, but that we are undoing the wrongs of the past in a reconstructive way.

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